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Yokogawa ADMAG AXF Magnetic Flowmeter
Yokogawa AXF Magnetic Flowmeter
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ADMAG AXF Magnetic Flow Meters

Based on Yokogawa’s decades-long experience in magnetic flowmeters, the AXF series brings an even higher level of performance and functionality. Retaining all the features and functions of the ADMAG series, AXF flowmeters have a number of optional features, such as enhanced dual-frequency excitation, as well as electrode adhesion diagnostics and replaceable electrodes for particularly difficult applications. Users benefit as the result of greater reliability and lower total cost of ownership.

The AXF product line-up was developed in response to the market’s demand for a magnetic flowmeter with more features and flexibility as well as high accuracy. The result was a meter with a number of new features, enhanced performance and improved specifications.

AXF’s advanced performance enables it to support applications in which measurement was difficult in the past, with features such as improved flow noise immunity, an electrode coating diagnostics function, and optional replaceable electrode construction for easier maintenance when measuring fluids that may coat.

The AXF Series features:

  • Dual frequency excitation method: Unique to Yokogawa, dual frequency excitation provides the best of AC and pulsed DC excitation. Dual-frequency flowmeters are capable of measuring tough slurries, like an AC meter, while having the zero stability and accuracy of a pulsed DC meter. Low frequency excitation ensures zero stability, while high frequency excitation achieves slurry noise reduction and fast 0.1 second response times necessary for batching applications. Other benefits are low power consumption and the ability to perform measurements with positive displacement pumps.
  • Enhanced dual frequency excitation option: Enhanced dual frequency excitation with a high frequency of 160 Hz is also available as an optional feature. This ensures highly stable measurements in difficult applications, such as high concentration slurries and low conductivity water. High-speed pulse output pulse rates up to 10,000 Hz are supported for high speed applications, such as short batch processes.
  • High-accuracy calibration option: The standard accuracy is 0.35% of reading. Available as an optional feature is high-accuracy calibration rated at 0.2% of reading.
  • Lower minimum fluid conductivity: Improvements to the AXF input circuit now permit the measurement of fluids with conductivity as low as 1µS/cm
  • Advanced adhesion diagnostics: The adhesion diagnosis function is provided as a standard feature on all AXF magmeters. With this function, the impedance of the wetted portion of the electrode is monitored. A four-level bar graph on the AXF converter’s LCD display indicates the coating level. When the impedance reaches the third level, a warning is displayed; when the impedance reaches the fourth level, an alarm can be triggered and displayed.
  • Reliable design: Yokogawa has always focused on quality, durability, and reliability of its primary measuring elements, and the AXF is no exception. The AXF is constructed from a welded stainless steel body with a reinforced neck, injection molded PFA liners with metal retaining plate for superior chemical resistance, high purity ceramics liner for abrasive resistance, or various other liners for challenging applications. AXF also features an electrode/liner combination that can suit any magmeter application.
  • Optional replaceable electrodes: Simplifies electrode maintenance and cleaning
  • Clear and versatile indicator: The LCD indicator employs a large, backlit, full dot-matrix that can facilitate one to three line displays in several languages. When an alarm condition occurs, a full description of the countermeasure is indicated.
  • Easy paramter setup: The most frequently used parameters are arranged in a group at the top of the parameter menu. These menus can be accessed via the infrared switches on the display.
  • Infrared switches: Infrared switches permit programming through the glass, without the need to open the enclosure cover. The design of the infrared switches gives them the feel of mechanical switches and provide consistent operation.
  • Flexible electrical connection direction: The converter or the terminal box can be rotated arbitrarily to change the directions of electrical connection on site.
  Yokogawa AXF Series Flowmeter Specifications
Sizes 0.1 – 104" (2.5 – 2600mm)
End Connections Wafer, flange, or sanitary (clamp, union, butt-weld)
Electronics Integral or remote
Measuring Range 0 to 869,000 GPM (0 to 191,000 m³/h)
Liner Materials Ceramic, EPDM, PFA, PU, Natural soft rubber
Electrode Materials Stainless steel 1.4404 / 316L, Hostelloy C276 equiv. 2.4819, Platinum, Tantalum, Titanium, Tungsten carbide
Process Temperature Range -40° to 356°F (-40° to 180°C)
Pressure Range Up to 580 psi (4 MPa)
Ambient Temperature -4° to 140°F (-20° to 60°C)
Accuracy ±0.35% of measured value (standard)
±0.20% of measured value (optional)
Conductivity ≥1 µS/cm
Indicator 3-line backlit graphical LCD, multi-language
Hazardous Approvals ATEX, FM, DSA, IEC EX, T11S, GOST
Signal Inputs/Outputs 4 to 20 mA: status input, pulse/alarm output
Communication Signal HART, BRAIN, Foundation Fieldbus, PROFIBUS
Power Supply 80 to 264VAC, 47 to 63 Hz
90 to 130VDC
20.4 to 28.8 DC/AC
Protection Class Protection Class IP67/8 (NEMA 4X)

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