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Yokogawa ADMAG CA Flow Meter
Yokogawa CA Flow Meter
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ADMAG CA Magnetic Flow Meters

Yokogawa's ADMAG CA magmeter measures the un-measureable with the ability to meter fluids with conductivity as low as 0.01µS/cm. The non-wetted capacitive electrode plates, which are mounted on the outer surface of a ceramic flow tube and not in contact with the fluid, are capacitively coupled to the fluid. In addition, the ADMAG CA Magmeter employs an advanced high-frequency excitation method. This revolutionary design is an excellent alternative to other flow technologies, as it can provide accurate, reliable measurement of low conductivity liquids such as pure water, as well as coating process flows and high concentration slurries.

The CA Series features:

  • High-frequency excitation: The problem with using a high frequency excitation rate is the tradeoff in stability and zero drift. The ADMAG CA overcomes these limitations by using coils and associated ultra high impedance circuitry that enable fast magnetic field rise and collapse times. This leaves more time for a stable signal measurement and higher excitation frequencies, resulting in faster response time and a more stable measurement.
  • Ultra-low conductivity measurements: Capacitance-type electrodes and the very high impedance amplifier of the CA series makes ultra-low conductive fluid measurement possible. This combined technology allows the CA to measure fluids with conductivity levels as low as 0.01µS/cm.
  • High accuracy: The ADMAG CA offers a high accuracy of up to 0.5% of flow rate.
  • Non-wetted electrodes: The ADMAG CA utilizes a non-wetted electrode design: electrode plates are placed on the measuring tube to pick up and measure the electromotive force. The non-wetted electrodes are an excellent choice for use in chemical and slurry applications, as they are not affected by the corrosion, coating, and abrasive issues associated with wetted electrodes. The benefits include reducing slurry or process noise, eliminating potential leak paths, and improving high-coating process applications.
  • Ceramic Liner: Ceramic liner tubes have many advantages over fluoropolymer (PFA/PTFE) or other liner materials like rubber. Yokogawa uses 99.9% pure alumina ceramic (Al₂O𠠲) for its ceramic liner tubes, which demonstrates excellent insulating characteristics, as well as excellent resistance to abrasion, corrosion, and high temperatures and pressures.
  • Coating resistant: Non-wetted capacitive electrodes can measure electromotive force through capacitance, including coating insulating material, offering steady measurement. Measuring applications such as latex, reclaimed oil, hot spring water, red mud, and dye, which had been difficult in the past using conventional magmeters, are now possible utilizing the ADMAG CA.
  • Mirror-finished surface: Yokogawa uses a special magnetic polishing process to give the inner surface of the ceramic liner tube a mirror finish. This polishing method serves to eliminate problems such as abrasive irregularities and dull edges, and will reduce the coating affects of your process. The mirror finished ceramic liner tube has a surface roughness of Ra 0.1 µm.
  ADMAG CA Series Flow Meter Specifications
Size 0.5 – 8" (15 – 200mm)
Excitation High frequency
Flow Span 1.64 – 32.85 ft/s (0.5 – 10 m/s)
Min. Fluid Conductivity As low as 0.01µS/cm
Hazardous Area Classification FM,CSA, TIIS(JIS)
Accuracy ±0.5% of flow rate
(depending on pipe size and fluid conditions)
Repeatability ±0.1% of flow rate (1mm/s minimum)
Lining Material Ceramic
Electrode Construction Non-wetted plate electrodes installed on outside of ceramic tube
Fluid Pressure Lining ≤50mm: -0.1 MPa – 4 MPa
Lining ≥80mm: -0.1 MPa – 2 MPa
Fluid Temperature 14° to 248°F (-10° to 120°C)
Process Connection JIS 10K/20K/F12, ANSI 150/300, DIN PN10/16:Wafer
Output Signal 4-20 mA DC, pulse, or alarm (transistor contact: 30 V DC, 200 mA max.)
Function Variable damping time (1 sec min.), self-diagnostics, loop test, BRAIN communication
Indicator 7-segment LCD with backlight
Power Supply Voltage 80-264 VAC, 47-63 Hz
100-130 VDC
20.4-28.8 VDC
Power Consumption 14W

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