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Ampco Z Series Marine Pump
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Ampco Marine Pumps

The Ampco line of nickel aluminum bronze centrifugal pumps are ideally suited to saltwater applications, as well as brackish water, waste water, and pollution control applications. The wetted end parts of Ampco marine pumps are constructed of Ampco 483, commonly referred to as CDA958. The overall corrosion / erosion resitance to saltwater of this alloy is superior to both stainless steel and standard bronzes – and costs less. Ampco's Z and K Series pumps have been in service on U.S. Army reverse osmosis systems since the 1980s.

In addition to exceptional corrosion resistance, CDA958:

  • Resists erosive wear due to high velocities developed by the rotating impeller.
  • Resists the immense stress incurred during a cavitating condition.
  • Resists fouling which can reduce efficiency and promote a severe crevice corrosion attack.
  • Provides better protection, even in a "down" state, against saltwater pitting that is so prevalent in stainless steel pumps.

Ampco's marine pumps are available in nickel aluminum bronze in sizes from 5 to 1600 GPM and heads up to 350 Ft. Each series of pumps is offered in both closed-coupled or frame-mounted versions. These models may also be ordered in duplex stainless.

All of Ampco's nickel aluminum bronze pumps have ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) type approval.

Ampco Z Series Marine Pump Z Series
Z Series pumps offer a heavy-duty, industrial design with 150 lb. flange connections.
Maximum Flow: 1600 GPM
Maximum Head: 375' TDH
Ampco K Series Marine Pump K Series
K Series pumps are highly efficient, and feature NPT threaded connections.
Maximum Flow: 225 GPM
Maximum Head: 190' TDH
Ampco R Series Marine Pump R Series
R Series pumps are self-priming, feature fully-shrouded impellers, and offer lifting capability to 25 feet.
Maximum Flow: 450 GPM
Maximum Head: 350' TDH
Ampco E Series Marine Pump E Series
E Series pumps are a versatile variation on the Z Series, with a larger stuffing box to accommodate multiple sealing and packing options.
Maximum Flow: 1600 GPM
Maximum Head: 375' TDH

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