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Neptune portable mixer
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Neptune Portable Mixers

Neptune mixers have been designed, engineered and built to provide long life and trouble-free service in a wide variety of blending/mixing operations. These mixers are popularly used to:

  1. Blend liquids
  2. Suspend or dissolve solids
  3. Disperse immiscible liquids
  4. Disperse small amounts of gases in liquids

Neptune portable mixers can be clamp- or base-mounted on beams, tank walls or other supports. Angle of entry may be adjusted to meet specific mixing requirements.

Neptune portable mixers find use in a variety of different industrial applications...waste treatment, water treatment and batch chemical preparation. These portables are also ideal for mixing paints, varnishes, polymers, textile sizes and dyes, pharmaceuticals, soaps and countless other materials from 1 to over 25,000 CPS viscosity.

In the following pages, we present specifications, dimensions and dimensional drawings and other information to help you select the proper Neptune mixer for your application, depending on the size of the batch, the viscosity of the components and final product, and other parameters. Our portables are available at either 350 or 420 RPM (gear-driven) or 1750 RPM (direct-drive).

If you have any questions or wish to discuss your mixing/blending application with us, please feel free to contact us.

Our Guarantee: If the mixer we select does not produce the desired process results, we will replace it with a mixer that will.

Mixer Selection Chart

The chart below is intended to provide some basic guidelines for selecting the proper Neptune mixer(s) to provide mild blending of various viscosity liquids in different size tanks.

This chart is based on an approximate mix/blend time for two liquids of 30 minutes, with both liquids already in the tank. Mixing times will be shortened if one liquid is added to a second liquid while the mixer is operating. Powders should always be added while the mixer is running.

This chart also applies to the suspension of solids with settling velocities of less than one foot per minute.

For more rapid or vigorous mixing, use a mixer one or two sizes larger.

Dual propellers are recommended for tanks 1000 gallons and larger at viscosities of 1000 CPS and higher.

Up To
Up To
Up To
Up To
Up To
Up To
Up To
Up To
≤1 BN-3.0 BN-3.0 JD-2.0 JD-2.0 JG-2.0 JG-2.0 JG-2.0 JG-4.0
≤100 BN-3.0 BN-3.0 JD-2.0 JG-2.0 JG-2.0 JG-2.0 JG-3.0 JG-5.0
≤300 BN-3.0 BN-3.0 JG-2.0 JG-2.0 JG-2.0 JG-4.0 JG-5.0 JG-5.0
≤500 BN-3.0 JG-2.0 JG-2.0 JG-2.0 JG-3.0 JG-5.0 JG-6.0 JG-7.0
≤1000 JD-2.0 JG-2.0 JG-2.0 JG-2.0 JG-4.0 JG-6.0 JG-7.0 JG-8.0
≤2000 JG-2.0 JG-2.0 JG-3.0 JG-3.0 JG-5.0 JG-6.0 JG-8.0 JG-9.0
≤3000 JG-2.0 JG-2.0 JG-4.0 JG-4.0 JG-6.0 JG-8.0 JG-9.0  
≤5000 JG-2.0 JG-2.0 JG-5.0 JG-5.0 JG-7.0 JG-8.0    
≤15000 JG-3.0 JG-3.0 JG-5.0 JG-8.0 JG-9.0 JG-9.0    
≤25000 JG-6.0 JG-7.0 JG-8.0 JG-9.0        


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