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Blacoh Sentry Pulsation & Surge Control

How Pulsation Dampeners Work

Pulsation dampeners operate on the principle that volume is inversely proportional to pressure. Compressed air or gas is introduced into the air chamber of the dampener to a specified pressure. The gas is entrapped by the elastomeric bladder, which prevents contact between the process fluid and compressed gas. (Without the bladder, the gas would dissolve into the fluid and cause product contamination). During pump discharge, fluid enters the wetted chamber of the dampener, displacing the bladder, compressing the gas and absorbing the shock. During pump shift, liquid pressure decreases, the dampener gas expands, pushing fluid back into the process line, eliminating up to 99% of system shock and pulsation.

How SENTRY dampens pulsation
SENTRY's Dampening Action
SENTRY is ideal for a number of processes, including fluid transfer, filtering, printing, dosing, filling, metering, spraying, injecting, mixing, and more.

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Typical Applications

Quick-Closing Valves

Pump Startup & Shutdown

AODD, Metering & Peristaltic Pumps
  Application: Pulsation Dampening
Problem: A major pulp & paper mill in the Northwest used AODD unloading pumps. The reciprocating action of these air-operated pumps created violent pulsations that caused both pipe stress and mounting fatigue. In fact, these pulsations often caused the pumps to be pulled from their cement foundations. This created significant downtime, costly foundation repair, environmental hazards, and a dangerous working environment.
Solution: A Blacoh SENTRY IV Pulsation Dampener was installed in the common discharge of the pumps to dampen these pulsations.
Result: Pipe stress and mounting fatigue have been eliminated. Not only have the pumps not been ripped from their cement foundations, but the mill has experienced longer life from pump components such as diaphragms and ball valves.
  Application: Water Hammer Elimination
Problem: A major producer of water treatment chemicals accessed their local water supply through a 3" PVC pipe with quick-closing valves. When the desired quantity had been measured and the valve shut, a water hammer effect with pressure spikes that exceeded the PVC pipe's burst strength was created. The PVC repeatedly broke, causing the entire plant to be shut down for repair. In addition, since pipe failure occurred under a nearby highway, it also had to be closed.
Solution: A Blacoh SENTRY 10 gallon Surge Suppressor was installed on the pressure side of each quick-closing valve to reduce water hammer pressure spikes.
Result: The damaging water hammer pressure spikes are now absorbed, no pipes have ruptured, and the plant (and nearby highway) have had no downtime due to water hammer.
  Application: Metering
Problem: A 300 megawatt power plant required a chemical feed system to supply hydrazine to a boiler. The hydrazine acts as an oxygen scavenger, and must be delivered in a precise and consistent quantity. While metering pumps can deliver chemicals in precise amounts, their reciprocating action will not allow delivery in a smooth and consistent flow.
Solution: A Blacoh SENTRY III Pulsation Dampener was installed in the common discharge of two metering pumps to create smooth and consistent flow.
Result: Hydrazine is now delivered to the boiler in a precise and consistent quantity. In addition, pipe vibration has been eliminated, gauge accuracy has been maximized, and pump component stress has been reduced.
  Application: Spraying & Coating
Problem: A decontamination facility pumped acids and water through a series of 15° spray nozzles to rinse radiation from contaminated metals. However, the pulsating action of their reciprocating pumps caused uneven spray into the rinse tanks, and the metals were not rinsed completely.
Solution: A Blacoh SENTRY 1 Pulsation Dampener was installed at each pump discharge manifold to eliminate the surging flow of the pumps and ensure complete coverage and thorough cleaning.
Result: The even flow ensures that the metal product is completely rinsed of radiation. Furthermore, both process time and the amount of acid required have been reduced, which increased productivity and profit.

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