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Blacoh Sentry Pulsation & Surge Control

Blacoh Sentry Thermal Expansion Chambers

Thermal expansion of fluids in a closed system can result in dangerously high pressures, which lead to ruptured pipes and fittings, destroyed in-line instrumentation, burst pressure relief valves and contaminated surroundings. A Sentry Thermal Expansion Chamber placed in line will accumulate the expanded fluid, reducing the increase in pressure.

Fluids flowing in a system can be accumulated during one part of the process cycle, then released when needed during another part of the cycle. The release can be based upon the pressure of the system or by the opening/closing of a valve. The accumulator can be used to maintain process line pressure and store fluid for other areas such as to back flush filters, to draw off sample fluid, or to minimize pump cycling. Accumulators can also be used as a transfer barrier where pressure on one side of a system needs to be transferred to another side without mixing of the fluids. The accumulator is installed in-line with the two fluids entering at opposite ends, separated by the bladder. As the pressure of one fluid increases, it pushes the bladder against the other fluid, transferring the increase in pressure.

Thermal Expansion Chamber Diagram
Sentry Thermal Expansion Chamber
As liquid in the system expands, the excess accumulates in the chamber, relieving pressure elsewhere in the system.
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