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Eccentric SLP Pump
Eccentric SLP/440 Pump

Eccentric Pumps has created a revolution in peristaltic hose pump design. Their unique approach employs a single oversized roller that compresses a highly engineered, low friction hose through more than 360 degrees of rotation. Benefits include more flow per revolution and only one compression and expansion per cycle. At equal performance points the pump runs slower and the hose lasts longer than pumps with multiple shoes or rollers.

Several hose diameters within the same housing enhance operational flexibility and expand the pump's application possibilities.

To see a video of an Eccentric pump in action, click here.


  • One hose compression per cycle equals less hose wear
  • More flow per revolution means you can run the pump at a slower speed
  • Pump runs cooler by design
  • Top loading hose clamping mechanism provides faster change out and a simpler, more positive connection
  • Multiple hose sizes for the same pump casing and bearing assembly
  • Precision made hose is denser and more durable – and it's Made in America
  • Ports are 180° apart and on top for easier accessibility and piping
  • Large roller reduces stress on the hose


  • Dry running
  • Self priming
  • Seal-less design
  • Creates high vacuum for suction lift applications
  • Runs in both directions
  • Smooth passage through the pump
  • High discharge pressures
  • Accurate flow for metering applications
  • Pumps two phase flow easily
  • Handles shear sensitive and abrasive fluids
  • Compact footprint
  • Hoses available for chemical applications
  SLP/440 Specifications
P/100* Rating 860 Occlusions per 100 Gallons
Volume per Revolution 0.116 gallons / 0.440 liters
Maximum Operating Speed 70 rpm
Suction Lift 28 feet
Fluid Temperature Range -20°F – 175°F
Required Startup Torque 950 in·lb
Required Hose Lubricant 2 pints
* P/100 Rating is the number of theoretical occlusions per 100 gallons pumped. The total number of occlusions is the primary determinant of hose life.
  SLP/440 Construction
Base and Housing Aluminum
Cover Polycarbonate / Aluminum
Eccentric Steel
Connection Size 1.25" NPT
Connections PE, Nylon, or Stainless Steel
Hardware Stainless Steel
Bare Pump Weight 80 lbs / 36.5 kg
Pump Package Weight 110 lbs / 50 kg

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