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Animation of an operating Eccentric SLP Pump
Eccentric Pumps SLP Series
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Eccentric Pumps' SLP Series has created a new revolution in peristaltic hose pump design. Their unique approach to the hose pump employs a single oversized roller that compresses a highly engineered, low friction hose through more than 360 degrees of rotation.

Benefits include more flow per revolution and only one compression and expansion per cycle. At equal performance points the pump runs slower and the hose lasts longer than pumps with multiple shoes or rollers.

Why should all of this matter? Most hose pumps on the market today, including the Watson Marlow Bredel SP and SPX series hose pump and the Verder pump use shoes to compress the hose. When the shoe slides over the outside of the hose, it creates friction and heat, and heat is an enemy of long hose life.

The Eccentric Pumps SLP series uses a large diameter lubricated roller that does just that – it rolls over the hose. This means that there is less friction, and therefore less heat, than a comparable Watson Marlow or Verder hose pump.

In addition to less heat, the Eccentric Pumps SLP series hose pump functions with only a single compression of the hose per revolution. Compare this with the competitors' pumps that use multiple shoes or rollers. For every one rotation, the SLP series pump has one compression of the hose. Other competitors have at least two compressions per revolution and in some cases three or four! Since the hose is the heart of a peristaltic hose pump, and hose life is proportional to the number of squeezes, SLP Series hose will outperform the competitors at the same speed.

Finally, the SLP Series hose takes up the full 360 degrees of the pump housing. This is important because the SLP Series pump, at an equal size (when compared to Watson Marlow Bredel or Verder) will produce 55% more flow at the same speed. This means that you can get more flow at the same speed or run the SLP Series pump slower for the same flow.

You can see the Eccentric peristaltic pump in action in this video (2.6 MB).

Eccentric Pump Features:

  • A single hose compression per cycle extends hose life
  • Wider range of operating speeds
  • Piloted fits for fast and accurate alignment
  • Hose materials: Natural Rubber, Buna and EPDM
  • Independently supported, high strength steel drive shaft
  • One piece hose clamp assembly for "Quick Change"
  • Sealed buffer zone between the pump and gearbox protects the drive from contamination
  • Compact integral drive and motor
  • Unique DSTTM Engineered Lubricant provides maximum hose life
  • Hose technology Made in America
Eccentric Pump SLP/058 Hose Pump
For flows to 2.5 GPM
Eccentric Pump SLP/128 Hose Pump
For flows to 3.5 GPM
Eccentric Pump SLP/218 Hose Pump
For flows to 6.0 GPM
Eccentric Pump SLP/440 Hose Pump
For flows to 11.5 GPM
Eccentric Pump SLP/654 Hose Pump
For flows to 17.0 GPM


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