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Ampco AC Series Sanitary Pump
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Ampco AC Series Sanitary Pump

Ampco's AC Series of sanitary centrifugal pumps and parts are both cost-effective and 100% interchangeable with other leading brands, including the Tri-Clover C Series, Waukesha Puriti and Top Line Top-Flo pumps.

Features of AC Series Sanitary Pumps:

  • Interchangeable Parts
    AC Series parts are 100% interchangeable with other leading brands.
  • 316L Construction
    The AC Series is constructed of 316L stainless steel, and each AC pump includes stainless steel adapters as standard.
  • Connection Flexibility
    Bevel seal, NPT thread and flange connections are available.
  • Motor Options
    The AC Series can be powered by NEMA 56C or TC frame motors. All TC frame motors are EPACT efficiency.
  • Impeller Options
    The AC+ Series can be powered by NEMA 56C or TC frame motors. All TC frame motors are EPACT efficiency.

AC+ Improved Shaft Design

AC+: Latest Design

AC+ Series sanitary pumps are the first significant improvement in the traditional AC Series style of pumps in over a quarter-century. These pumps offer an improved shaft design comparable to more expensive sanitary pumps, while retaining the hydraulic characteristics and external dimensions of AC Series pumps.

AC+ Features:

  • Clamped stub shaft and threaded impeller nut provide more stable performance.
  • External dimensions are the same as AC Series pumps – no need to change piping.
  • Hydraulic performance is identical to AC Series pumps.
  • Casing, backplate, adapter and seals are interchangeable.
AC Capacities
AC+ Capacities
  AC Series — Connections
Model Inlet Outlet Maximum Impeller
AC-114 1.5" or 2" 1.5" 4"
AC-216 2" or 2.5" 1.5" 6"
AC-218 2" or 3" 1.5" 8"
AC-328 3" or 4" 2" 8"
AC-4410 4" or 6" 4" 10"

Seal Options:

  Type D External Balanced Seal
Material: Carbon / Stainless Steel
Well-suited for multi-purpose use, this seal is designed to give long service life. Typical applicatons include dairy products, cream-style corn, tomatoes, beverages, etc. Also applicable for acid cleaning solutions and detergents.
  Type DG External Balanced Seal with Replaceable Stationary Seat
Materials: Carbon / Silicon Carbide, Carbon / Ceramic, Carbon / Tungsten Carbide
This long-lasting seal assembly utilizes standard Type D rotating seal components, plus a choice of silicon carbide, ceramic, or tungsten carbide stationary seal seats. This seal is best for maximum corrosion resistance in pure water applications, with abrasive or non-lubricating products. The stationary seat is reversible, making for quick changeover if one side is damaged. The standard seat material is silicon carbide.
  Type E Water Cooled Balanced Double Seal
Material: Carbon / Stainless Steel
This water-cooled balanced double seal can be pressurized to contain coolants or sealants, which can be piped directly to drain. This seal is often used in slurries, heavy-duty vacuum applications (up to 28" Hg), tacky products or products at temperatures up to 212°F.

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