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Ampco ZP Series Clean-In-Place Piston Pump on PD Tubular Steel Stand
Ampco ZP3 Series Clean-In-Place Pump
on PD Tubular Steel Stand
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Ampco ZP3 Series Clean-In-Place Circumferential Piston Pump

Ampco's ZP3 clean-in-place (CIP) pumps are Ampco's newest. ZP3 CIPs replicate the Universal I & II CIP pumps by Waukesha Cherry Burrell and are completely interchangeable with Waukesha and Wright-Flow pumps, but also contain several upgraded features. ZP3 CIP pumps, like all Ampco pumps, are also designed for maximum service life and reconditionability, and are available with pressure ratings up to 500 psi.

ZP3 Improvements & Advantages:

  • Front-Loading Seals located closer to the product flow for ease of maintenance
  • In-Line Cleanability without further modifications
  • New Rotor Case Design for maximum efficiency
  • Tungsten Carbide Seal Faces for longer life
  • New pumps can be reconditioned 2 to 3 times
Diagram of Ampco ZP3 Pump showing CIP improvements made to the ZP design
ZP3 CIP Improvements

ZP3 Clean-In-Place Enhancements:

  • Front-Loading Seals offer improved CIPability with turbulent flow to seal faces
  • Elimination of Dead Zones in shaft bore and CIP holes in body hub improve CIPability and efficiency
  • Free Drain Design for CIPability and efficiency
  • CIP Holes in Rotor ensure turbulent flow to cover hub

ZP3 Compatibility:

  • Gear Case & Shafts 100% Interchangeable with Ampco ZP2 pumps
  • Existing ZP2 Pumps (and similar competitors' pumps) Upgradeable to ZP3 CIP by fitting new rotors and seals and machining the existing rotor case

ZP3 CIP Features:

ZP3 Pump Diagram
Ampco ZP3's Front-Loading Seals
  • EHEDG Certified, 3A and ATEX Conformant
  • Clean-In-Place Capable
  • Purely Mechanical Seal Design
  • Interchangeable with Universal I & II pumps by Waukesha Cherry Burrell
  • Stainless Steel Gear Case & Bearing Retainer
  • Solid Cover Casting
  • Helical Gears
  • 17-4 Shafts
  • O-Ring Seal Cleanout Plugs
  • Oil Plug Sight Glass
  • Four-Pad Gear Case

ZP CIP Performance:

  • Capacity Range: 0.1 to 310 gpm (0.02 to 70.4 m³/hr)
  • Pressure Range: up to 500 psi / 34 bar
  • Temperature Range: -40°F tp +300°F (-40°C to +150°C)
    Note: Hot clearances required for high-temp operation
  • Viscosity Range: 1 to 1,000,000 CPS
ZP3 Sample Comparison Curves:
Performance curves comparing ZP2 and ZP3 pumps
Ampco ZP3-30 vs. Ampco ZP2-30 CIP
Performance curves comparing ZP2 and ZP3 pumps
Ampco ZP3-130 vs. Ampco ZP2-130 CIP
ZP2 Series pump with cover removed, demonstrating inline cleanability
ZP CIP Pump's Circumferential Pistons

ZP CIP Applications:

  • Bakery: dough, fats, fruit filling, icing, oils, yeast
  • Beverages: beer, fruit concentrate, fruit juices, mash
  • Candy: chocolate, cocoa butter, corn syrup, gelatin, sugars
  • Canned Foods: baby food, jams, jellies, mayonnaise, potato salad, pudding, relish, stews
  • Cosmetics: creams, emulsions, jellies, lotions, shampoo, toothpaste
  • Dairy: butter, cream, curds, ice cream, margarine, milk, soft cheese, yogurt
  • Dressings: mayonnaise, many other sauces
  • Flavorings: concentrates, syrups
  • Industrial: auto paint, inks, latex, polymers
  • Meats: broth, fats, gelatin, pet foods, sausage fillings
  ZP Series & Competitors Comparison
Waukesha Cherry Burrell Wright Flow Technologies Ampco Pumps
Cover Plate / Hubs Solid Cover Casting Solid Cover Casting
Cast Iron Gear Case Cast Iron Gear Case Stainless Steel Gear Case
Two-Part Epoxy Blue Paint Powdercoat White Paint Electropolish Finish
Powder Metal Retainers Stainless Steel Retainers Stainless Steel Retainers
Bi-Metal Shafts 17-4 ph1150 Shafts 17-4 ph1150 Shafts
Spur Gears Helical Gears Helical Gears
3-Pad Gear Case 4-Pad Gear Case 4-Pad Gear Case
1-Side Grease Zerks 2-Side Grease Zerks 2-Side Grease Zerks
3-Wing Wing Nut 2-Wing Wing Nut 2-Wing Wing Nut
Split Wave Spring Solid Wave Spring 17-7 Solid Wave Spring 17-7
Standard Lube Anti-Microbial Lube Anti-Microbial Lube
Sight Glass Oil Fill 6 Oil Fill Plugs 8 Oil Fill Plugs
Ampco ZP Clean In Place Pump Parts Diagram
Ampco ZP CIP Pump Parts Diagram

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